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Make a Difference with education, and be the best.

Putting Children First. Preparing Children For Success In Life

Putting Children First. Preparing Children For Success In Life

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Friday, September 4, 2020

Meme Coloring Pages - Meme Coloring Pages Printable - Spongebob Coloring Worksheet


Free Meme Coloring Pages for Kindergarten and Preschool

Meme Coloring Pages

Printable Meme Coloring Pages

Spongebob Meme Coloring Pages

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Best Hands on Activities for Math - Fun Math Hands on Activities for Middle School at Home


Hands On Activities for Math Learning with Shapes, Puzzles, and Games

See the Example What You Will Get in This Ebook for Hands on Activities for Math

Best Hands on Activities for Math


E Learning for Kindergarten Introduce to the gorgeous, exciting, beautiful best hands on activities for math that only professionals see. What’s truly astounding is that it’s accessible, even for kids ages six to ten. We think that if more kids had a chance to play with a wider world of math, there would be far more math enthusiasts in the world. Most people think you learn math by climbing a sort of ladder: first addition, then subtraction, then multiplication, then fractions, and so on. In fact, math is much more like a tree. There are many different areas of math that require only a basic foundation. Plenty of this lovely and woefully ignored math doesn’t require any previous knowledge. It’s accessible to everyone, if they only knew it existed.

Hands on Math Activities For Middle School Students

Readers of this book may ask, “How is this math?” Kids cut and tape and sew and color. They imagine walking over bridges, reproducing the same problem that spawned an entire field of mathematics. They draw enormous shapes in parking lots. It may not look like math because there are whole chapters with no pencils or memorization or calculators—but we assure you, the math you’re about to encounter is much closer to what actual mathematicians do. Mathematicians play. They come up with interesting questions and investigate possible solutions.

Elementary Hands On Math Teaching Ideas

This results in a lot of dead ends, but mathematicians know that failure provides a great chance to learn. In this book, you’ll have a chance to think like a mathematician and experiment with a given idea to see what you can discover. That approach of just fiddling around with a problem and seeing what falls out is an extremely common and useful technique that mathematicians employ. You will get a lot of learning to just try something—anything—and seeing what develops is a great skill for math, science, engineering, writing, and, well, life!This is your opportunity, your gateway, into little-known worlds of math.

How to Use This Hands on Activities for Math Book

The chapters of this book can be worked in any order. Occasionally a chapter refers to a method learned in a different chapter, but there is always a workaround in case you haven’t done the other chapter yet. Within a chapter, we recommend working labs in the order given, as earlier labs often develop knowledge or tools you’ll use in later labs within the same chapter.All of the material in this book has been successfully play-tested by six- to ten year-olds. Much of the material should be interesting to middle school, high school, and adult students. There are cases where older kids will be able to try a more advanced technique and younger kids will do something easier, or may need a little help. Their results will be surprisingly close. 

Younger kids may need assistance with certain labs (tying knots, threading needles, cutting with scissors, etc.).

Hands on Activities for High School Math

Each chapter introduction contains a Think About It question. The question is always related to the chapter’s content and is meant to be played with before reading the rest of the chapter. This gives you the opportunity to experiment with the topic before we’ve introduced any formal concepts. 

Maths Hands On Activities for Kids in Grade 1 to 8th Grade

Sometimes we come back to the Think About It problem within the chapter and answer it directly. Sometimes we don’t. (In that case, if you’re curious, check the Hints and Solutions section at the end of the book.) In general, we hope students will have time to experiment and not just race through each lab. Real math is so much more about curiosity and experimentation than most people realize.

Some chapters have Try This! problems that cover additional or more advanced material relating to the chapter. We provide hints for most of the Try This! problems either as the problem is stated or in the Hints and Solutions section at the end of the book.

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Alphabets Coloring Pages A-Z PDF
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Friday, August 14, 2020

Alphabet Coloring Pages A-Z PDF - Alphabet Coloring Worksheets for Kindergarten Free Printable


Alphabet Coloring Pages for 2 Year Olds Kids and Toddlers

Alphabet Coloring Pages A-Z

Alphabet Coloring Pages A to Z PDF for Kindergarten

One of the soonest and most significant things kids learn is the alphabet. They begin recognizing letters that are in their names, they sing the alphabet tune, and they start jotting letters on pages. Little youngsters are characteristic learners – they are eager to be huge kids and compose words simply like the individuals around them that they admire like Mom, Dad, Grandma, and more seasoned kin. These very adorable Alphabet Coloring Pages A-Z PDF are an incredible path for toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergartners to learn their letters! 

Kids Need Bunches of Training to Learn Their ABCs. 

  • They have to see letters so perused heaps of books highlighting large striking letters. Point out the letters you find on the pages. 
  • Realize that letters are significant so give them how letters are in books, on mail, on signs in the network, in their name, and so on. Play letter I spy, discover the letter worksheets, make name makes, and so on. 
  • Learn that letters spell words. Compose their name on head of EVERYTHING! Put it on coloring pages, drape it on their divider, assist them with spelling words when they ask, compose a letter to Grandma where they direct and you compose. 
  • Sing alphabet tunes to rehearse the request from a-z. Watch jump frog letter industrial facility, observe youth programs like Disney Junior Mickey Mouse that join early learning flawlessly. 
  • Learn new jargon. The more words kids need to communicate and portray their general surroundings, the less they will show signs of improvement they can convey. So read bunches of books, have a running discussion about everything, do worksheets that show new jargon, attempt new natural products or styles of food, take them on get away to assist them with getting heaps of new encounters. 
  • Essentially, your young learners resemble wipes absorbing all that you give them. Studies have demonstrated that their minds are making new associations for all that they learn, however on the off chance that they aren't be presented to new materials no associations will shape. When they are in early rudimentary not many new pathways are framed… . the remainder of their carries on with their brains will utilize the pathways that were framed to assist them with handling data. So investigate a great deal and make huge amounts of new streets in their cerebrums! See the entirety of our Preschool Alphabet assets! 

Free Printable Alphabet Coloring Pages 

These excessively adorable, free alphabet coloring pages are a great route for little child, preschool, pre k, and kindergarten age kids to chip away at learning the sounds letters make, work on tuning in for starting sounds, and learning jargon while fortifying fine engine abilities and having a fabulous time. Get the pdf alphabet worksheets for a no prep alphabet activity kids will adore. 

How about we learn all the letters with these free printable alphabet coloring pages! 

Coloring pages can be incredible for learning as they are fun and are likewise very extraordinary for stress alleviation! 

Alphabet Letters Coloring Worksheets PDF

These will keep the kids occupied for some time and make them practice their letters of the alphabet! They are extraordinary for ABC adroit and those that don't yet know their letters. 

Free Printable Alphabet Coloring Pages 

From start to finish we have them all! Each letter (lower and capitalized) is on a different bit of paper alongside a creature or another item that begins with that letter!

Letter A Coloring Worksheets for Preschoolers

Letter B Coloring Worksheets for Kindergarten

Letter C Coloring Worksheets Printable


Letter D Coloring Worksheets Printable


Letter E Coloring Worksheets for Kids


Letter F Coloring Worksheets Printable for Kindergarten


Letter G Coloring Worksheets for Toddlers


Letter H Coloring Page for Kindergarten


Letter I Coloring Worksheet for Kindergarten


Letter J Coloring Pages Preschool


Printable Letter K Coloring Pages


Free Printable Letter L Coloring Pages


Letter M Coloring Sheet Printable


Letter N Coloring Worksheet Printable


Letter O Words Coloring Pages


Letter P Words Coloring Pages


Letter Q Coloring Page for Kindergarten


Letter R Coloring Worksheet for Preschoolers


Letter S Coloring Page for Toddlers


Printable Letter T Coloring Pages


Printable Letter U Coloring Worksheets for Preschoolers


Printable Letter V Coloring Pages for Preschoolers


Letter W Coloring Sheets Printable for Preschool


Letter X Coloring Worksheets Printable for Preschool


Alphabet Letter Y Coloring Worksheet


Alphabet Letter Z Coloring Worksheet


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Thursday, August 13, 2020

Halloween Trick and Treat Ideas 2020 for Kids and Adults - Buy Halloween Tricks and Treats 2020


Buy Halloween Tricks and Treats Ideas 2020

Halloween Trick and Treat Ideas 2020

Buy Halloween Trick or Treat Ideas that Include Halloween Pumpkin Ideas, Parties Ideas, Halloween Recipes Ideas and Halloween Costume Ideas.

Buy Now This Ebook for Halloween Trick and Treat Ideas 2020 at Just $5

Halloween Pumpkins Ideas 2020

  • Making Faces: Want to lure trick or treats to your front door? Let pumpkin personalities put their hollowed-out heads to the task!
  • Pumpkin Gallery: Carve it, paint it, poke it—fashion a pumpkin that will be the talk of the neighborhood on trick-or-treat night.
  • Out of Your Gourd!: These gourds have personalities that will make you grin. 
  • Grinning Gourds:  Ratchet your pumpkin-carving techniques up a notch with tips from master potter Steve Steininger.

Halloween Parties Ideas 2020

  • Hallow-Wedding: Enjoy this wickedly fun feast disguised as a wedding reception.
  • Family-Style Fright Night: Tempt the family to a fun-filled feast with these trick-free recipes.
  • Pumpkin Patch Party: Pumpkins reign supreme at this family-friendly fete.
  • Ultimate Party Guide: See how easy it is to have a frightfully fun party following our fantastic tips.

Halloween Costumes Ideas for Kids and Adults 2020

  • A Cast of Cute Creatures: Make one of these easy animal costumes and let your kids fly, buzz, hop, or squeak their way through treat-gathering.
  • Costume Tricks That Treat: Start with clothes from your kids’ closets and just add easy embellishments.
  • Creative Costumes for Kids: Encourage young imaginations to help you craft variations of these clever— and simple—costume ideas. 

Halloween Treats Ideas 2020

  • Freaky Food: Some of these snacks are devilishly sweet. Others are awesomely healthful.
  • Eerie Edibles: Raise eyebrows and tickle a few funny bones with these gruesome snacks.
  • Treats Incognito: Kids will love our clever holiday treats under disguise; they’re as much fun to make as they are to eat.
  • What’s Brewing? : Bubble up these gruesome—and yummy—potions for young and old alike.

Halloween Outdoor Decor Ideas 2020

  • Mind Your Mummies: Life-size mummies make “grave” impressions on your outdoor decorating.
  • Boo-ti-ful Yards: Turn your great outdoors into the spookiest spot on the block with these bewitching Halloween crafts.
  • Welcome to the Witches’ Den: Only the shadows know what fare lurks at this spooky party lair.
  • Weave a Halloween “Web” Site: Supersize arachnids and towering gourds make haunted exterior accents.

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Monday, August 10, 2020

Matching Words and Pictures Worksheets Free for Kindergarten - Printable - PDF


Match Words to Picture Printable Worksheet for Kindergarten

Match Word to Picture Worksheet Printable Free Download

Matching Word to Picture Worksheet for Preschool Image 

Match CVC Words and Picture Free Printable for Kindergarten

Match Word from the Box to Picture Printable Worksheet for Kindergarten

Matching Word and Picture Worksheet for Nursery Kids and Students

Matching Word and Picture Images Free Download

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Friday, August 7, 2020

Preschool Dot Tracing Worksheets Free Printable - Connect the Dots Worksheet - Tracing Lines Worksheet


Connecting Dots Worksheets for Preschoolers - Connect the Dots Worksheets for Kindergarten

Preschool Dot Tracing - Line Tracing - Connect the Dots Worksheet Accountant

Preschool Dot Tracing Worksheet Accountant

Preschool Dot Tracing - Line Tracing - Connect the Dots Worksheet Actor

preschool line tracing worksheet actor

Connect the Dot Printable Worksheet - Architect

Connect Dot Tracing Picture - Astronomer

astronomer dot tracing worksheet

Author Dot Tracing Worksheet

author dot tracing worksheet

 Baker Dot Tracing Worksheet

baker tracing line worksheet

Bar Tender Printable Worksheet

bar tender dot tracing worksheet

Bricklayer Printable Worksheet

bricklayer line tracing worksheet

Bus Driver Dot Tracing Worksheet

bus driver printable worksheet

Butcher Printable Worksheet for Kindergarten

butcher dot tracing worksheet

Chef Printable Worksheet for Kindergarten

chef dot tracing worksheet

Cleaner Printable Worksheet for Preschooler

cleaner worksheet dot tracing

Dentist Printable Worksheet Free

dentist worksheet dot tracing

Designer Printable Worksheet for Kindergarten

designer worksheet line tracing

Doctor Printable Worksheet for Kids

doctor dot tracing worksheet

Electrician Picture Worksheet for Kindergarten

electrician printable worksheet dot tracing

Engineer Printable Worksheet for Kids Preschoolers

engineer printable worksheet

Factory Worker Printable Worksheet for Kindergarten

factory worker dot tracing worksheet

Farmer Printable Worksheet for Preschoolers

farmer printable worksheet

Fire Fighter Printable Worksheet for Children

fire fighter worksheet

Fisherman Printable Worksheet for Preschool

fisherman dot tracing worksheet

Florist Worksheet Printable

florist printable worksheet

Gardner Printable Worksheet for Preschoolers

Gardner dot tracing worksheet

Hairdresser Printable Worksheet

hair dresser dot tracing worksheet

Journalist Printable Worksheet Line Tracing

journalist worksheet

Judge Line Tracing Printable Worksheet for Kindergarten 

lawyer printable worksheet

Lawyer Printable Worksheet for Preschool

lawyer dot tracing worksheet

Lecturer Printable Worksheet

lecturer printable worksheet for kindergarten

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